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Thankful and Grateful

By Lynn Branigan

November is the month of Thanksgiving, so the word for this issue of our monthly newsletter is gratitude. I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said, “Our favorite attitude should be gratitude,” and I’m full of my favorite attitude as we enter the holiday season and near the close of 2019.

As a 501c3 organization, She Runs It is fueled entirely by the good will and allegiance of our extended community. We are thankful to be supported by so many generous people and companies.

  • Our 4,300+ members make She Runs It a vibrant organization of remarkable women (and men!), who are shaping and benefiting the marketing, media and tech industries. The positive energy they bring to every event and meeting invigorates the membership and reminds us that we are working toward an amazing mission, which is to help more women rise into leadership positions.
  • This year we welcomed six new directors to the already formidable She Runs It Operating Board. I can’t say enough about this hard-working group of women and the things they make possible every day. I’m truly honored and blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive allies who give their time and talent to our mission.
  • I’m equally grateful for our Foundation Board members who represent the most significant corporate contributors to She Runs It. With their help we will create special experiences for donors who see the power of our organization and choose to provide philanthropic support.
  • So much is made possible by our Corporate Alliance partners – 32 companies who are so dedicated to lifting and championing women as leaders in our industry, they are financially vested in the outcome. These partners empower their employees to have access to our programs and events, and they underwrite our ability to provide leadership development opportunities to the entire industry.
  • I would also like to thank the companies who contribute to our Education Loan Relief program and who have made a commitment to lighten the load for learners across our community. To date, this program has donated more than $650,000 to alleviate education debt burden and support continuing education costs for rising stars in our industry.
  • There are 25 companies (so far!) who are resolute in their commitment to make our industry more inclusive and diverse. These are the members of the #Inclusive100 consortium, and we should all be grateful to them for boldly using hard data to move the numbers for women and people of color in the right direction. (Want to be part of #Inclusive100? Please join us!)
  • I’m also extremely grateful for the staff of She Runs It. Our community is fortunate to have a small but mighty team of women who organize every event, on-board every member, socialize every positive message, recruit every partner, and so much more. I couldn’t possibly do this job without them.


She Runs It is made possible by these companies, individuals and teams, as well as many other champions and allies who believe in our mission. I call them out in this month of Thanksgiving, but I am grateful for them every day of the year.