Video: Multicultural Bootcamp November 15th 2023 - She Runs It
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Video: Multicultural Bootcamp November 15th 2023

By She Runs It

1:00pm ET

The Power of The Collective: Igniting Change & Accelerating DEI in 2024 

In 2020, corporate America responded to crises with pledges, promises and DEI practices designed to address racial inequity and push toward a more inclusive and diverse workforce. The #Inclusive100 results from 2021 indicated encouraging growth in DEI teams and funding, but the headlines from 2023 suggest a significant retraction. She Runs It’s Multicultural Bootcamp is being curated to unpack and undo these alarming trends. Join The Collective – a braintrust of people determined to use the power of passion to transform inclusive efforts into an enduring movement rather than a fleeting moment – for a day of critical conversation and action-oriented discussion focused on solutions for the coming year.

Fireside chat:

Lynn Branigan, President and CEO, She Runs It

Mita Mallick, Author of Reimagine Inclusion & Head of DEI, Carta


1:30pm ET

The Power of AI to Impact DEI: A Conversation with Leading Experts  (Panel)

Can bias and exclusion be eliminated in AI? Will it help companies more successfully attract, recruit, develop and retain diverse talent and create more inclusive cultures? Or does it perpetuate stereotypes and flawed thinking by relying on historical data to inform future ideas and actions? The impact of AI on DEI is a complex and rapidly evolving issue, so She Runs It is bringing a team of experts together to discuss the latest research and trends in this area. Learn how to harness AI to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and how to mitigate the risks of bias and discrimination. 


Mackenzie Price, PhD, Director, Anti-Bias Initiatives, Dotdash Meredith


Janelle A. James, Senior Vice President, Ipsos UU

Tanmay Manohar, Vice President, People Analytics & Workforce Planning, Paramount

Donna Schut, Head of Technical Solutions Management, Generative AI, Google


2:10pm ET



2:30pm ET

#Inclusive100: The Power of Measurement to Create Progress

For six years, She Runs It has partnered with Seramount and about 50 brands, agencies, publishers, and tech companies to measure progress against DEI goals through an initiative and survey called #Inclusive100. The journey has created some successes, illuminated some persistent challenges, and identified powerful actions that help companies pursue their DEI objectives with greater intention. This session will reveal the results of the 6th annual #Inclusive100 survey, which pivots on the Seramount Inclusion Index. The panel will also discuss the newly designed and streamlined survey that will launch in December, and which has been tailored specifically for companies across the marketing, media, and ad tech industry.


Lynn Branigan, President and CEO, She Runs It


Carol Watson, Global Chief Inclusion Officer, BCW

Ronnie Dickerson Stewart, Founder & Principal, OhHeyCoach


3:00pm ET

The Power of Building your Inclusivity IQ (Workshop)

The Audience, Impact & Intelligence team at Paramount will lead this guided and interactive workshop that is designed based on the findings from Paramount Advertising’s latest study Industry in Progress, a study designed to help marketers unlock the power of inclusive advertising.

Workshop participants will be able to walk away with:

  • Knowledge on the current state of representation in advertising
  • Strategic implications on how to be a more inclusive marketer and advertiser
  • A toolkit and framework designed build your Inclusivity IQ and become change agents in their companies


Mary Kate Callen, VP Audience Impact & Intelligence, Paramount

Karen Vega, VP Audience Impact & Intelligence, Paramount

Denya ChinQuee, Senior Director Audience Impact & Intelligence, Paramount

Shivani Gorle, Senior Manager Audience Impact & Intelligence, Paramount

Michelle Green, Manager Audience Impact & Intelligence, Paramount


3:45pm ET

The Power of the ERG: A discussion on the value of reinvigorating these vital teams (Panel)

Employee Resource Groups exploded during Covid as companies raced to foster healthy cultures and keep employees engaged and connected to one another in a remote environment. While ERGs have struggled post-pandemic to stay engaged, active, and funded, the benefits they provide to a company and its workforce are well documented. In this session, a team of ERG leaders will share their successes, challenges, and current best practices for keeping ERGs vital, vibrant, and supported by leadership.


Lukeisha Paul, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, GroupM US


Pilar Mera, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, NBCUniversal

Brandi Rand, VP, Group Account Director, Digitas & National Lead for Onyx (Business Resource Group for Black Employees and their allies)

Keith Sherman,  (He/Him), Logistics Inbound Coordinator, HelloFresh & Chair for FreshPride, (LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group)

4:30pm ET