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Thought Leadership

Jump Into YES!

By Lynn Branigan

Last month She Runs It was invited to program five events during the Cannes Lions Festival in France for our partners. Across six distinct panels I was able to interview many leaders – women and men – and one theme that surfaced frequently was the power of YES. One of the most common factors in the journeys of the C-suiters I spoke to is that they say yes. They get involved. They embrace new opportunities. They raise their hands. 


As we look to the second half of 2024, I want to encourage all of our members to take a page from those proven playbooks and say yes more often. Yes to what’s next and what’s possible. And yes when it comes to the benefits of your She Runs It membership. Say yes to mentoring. Say yes to networking. Say yes to student loan grants. Say yes to events that put you in the company of peers, role models, sponsors and allies who can inspire and lift you as you navigate your career.


With the help of our committees, we are very thoughtful and intentional about our content, programs, and events. Every year we enrich our programming and expand our community, and we make adjustments that allow us to provide the right benefits and membership options to our members. 


Here are a few changes that we will be making in the coming weeks:

  • We have made a commitment to host live events (in addition to virtual), throughout the country, and we’re giving people an opportunity to attend in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and LA. In light of this expanded live programming, we are eliminating eMemberships effective August 15, 2024. The transition of eMembers to Prime or YE membership status is outlined in the bullets below.
  • In benchmarking our member pricing against similar organizations, we have learned that others charge much more (and sometimes offer less) than we do. In light of this we are adjusting our member pricing accordingly:
    • Prime membership (previously called Resident) will cost $250 per individual annually, applicable to renewals that occur after August 15, 2024. We changed the name of this member category to reflect that these members are typically in the prime of their careers.
    • Current eMembers will transition to Prime ($250), or Young Executive ($125/year) status. All eMembers who transition to Prime Membership will be charged the current eMember rate ($125/year) until August 2025, when the price will increase to $250.
    • There is a $25 discount to all members who elect auto-renewal when they apply for a new membership or renew an existing one. In other words, the $250 annual fee for Prime membership will be $225 if you renew automatically. YEs who auto-renew will pay $100 upon renewal.  
  • She Runs It will continue to program virtual content and events, and for the remainder of 2024 all virtual events will be free for She Runs It members. 


As a 501c3 not-for-profit member organization, this modest price increase will make a huge difference in our ability to fulfil our mission, which is to pave the way for more women of every background, ethnicity, and identity to lead at every stage of her career in marketing, media, and tech. The increase will allow us to say YES to more programming and benefits, which will allow you to say YES to a more robust and rewarding experience as part of our community.